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Conservatory AC from £1,940 inc VAT

Yes they Heat as well!

...and are incredibly Energy Efficient very cheap to run (4 x cheaper to run than electric or central heating*) and really quick at heating your favorite room so you can use it throughout the winter. And come summer you will have the cooling ready to cool the conservatory down, which will keep the house cooler too.  Send the message form below for a free estimate and we are including a Full 3 year warranty, parts and labour, - we can offer this as we know our equipment is top quality and expertly installed.

On this page you will find more technical information, and seasonal offers and of course a few more pictures.

*So Just How can it be 4 x cheaper to run than a standard heating system?  Well an AC Heat pump (that is what your standard Air conditioning system is called) takes heat out of the air outside and uses that heat and inverter technology to supply energy efficient heating, even when it is freezing outside there is still heat in the air, believe me! or rather believe the boffins.

So when your AC system is belting out 8kW of heat to quickly warm your cold conservatory in just minutes, you are actually paying for only 2kW, and being inverter driven when it warms up to your required temperature, instead of stopping and starting again later, the technology slows the compressor down to supply say 2kW of heat at which time you are paying for just 0.5kW of electricity.  It goes without saying that in time it will pay for itself in reduced electricity cost, and even using the cooling in the Summer, with the same technology you pay only for a quarter of the cooling it is supplying.  So if it is supplying for example 6kW of cooling you are paying for only 1.5kW of electricity.  

We are genuinely based in Huddersfield  not just 'we serve Huddersfield' as some do say, one recent customer in Honley who had been waiting for 3 weeks for a quote from another company, called me on the Monday, I called round on the Tuesday and gave him the quote, by Thursday I had the equipment delivered and we fitted it Sunday and were complete by the Monday lunchtime, he said he couldn't believe how quickly it had moved after waiting for 3 weeks just to get a quote from another company.

Below you will find indoor unit options, all types are available as a single system as well as a multi-split.

It also shows the outdoor unit relative size which can be positioned out of sight if necessary.  

Connected to the indoor air conditioner by small size insulated pipework and a cable, so just needs a 3 inch hole drilled to the outside, we will usually drill the hole from the outside to keep down dust.

Please use the contact form on the contact us page, or email us direct on and we will get back in touch, we do not take phone enquiries due to too many marketing calls, but you will be given a contact number on our reply.

New for 2021 Fujitsu Designer Series

All our equipment comes with an Infra-Red (IR) handset, but for those of you who like their technology with some Daikin and Fujitsu models you can take control through an app on your tablet or smartphone, but let us know when enquiring as not all models are compatible.

Daikin App control
Fujitsu App control
Always in control with the Daikin or Fujitsu Comfort Control App

It can happen to anyone, you forgot to change the temperature of your air conditioner before you left the house, or you will be delayed returning home and wish to avoid needlessly heating or cooling your home.  What in the past would have resulted in wasted energy is no longer a problem.  With the Daikin Comfort Control App and wireless interface adapter you are always in control.  You can use your tablet or smartphone to access your Daikin air conditioning system via the internet.

Not using the timer to bring it on before you get home, or out of bed? ...simply turn it on remotely.
Add the wireless interface to your system from just £88 plus VAT.