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Date 21-Feb-2022

I hope this first Blog finds you well, then again why would you be looking at Air Conditioning, if you weren't feeling too good, unless you were me of course who, when I check into a hotel look out the window to see if I can spot any Air con units on the rooftops! (sad or what)

Recent projects have seen a rise in Garden offices being built for those opting to work from home, and the best and most economical way to heat them is by Air conditioning, plus they cool in summer as well.

Luckily not had any outside work this last week, so not got soaked by the two recent storms.

This picture is of a recent Garden office in which we installed a Fujitsu AC system , no pipework visible inside, and also the new range - that came out last year - are all compatible through a Wi-fi Interface to be controlled by smart phone, Tablet or PC. They also still come with an Infra Red Remote controller, whether or not you want the App control, this customer did and was delighted with it.
Stay safe, more soon.

Portable AV cabin AC

Great News!

Just a pic of some Aircon we installed this week on a cabin BUT...The Great News is that
As Aircon is so energy efficient these days with regards heating, the chancellor has made this type of heating zero VAT rated for all residential properties, including your home, care homes, residential static homes & house boats.
That really is sticking it to the energy companies, reducing your energy usage by around 75%
Stay safe, Stay Warm this Winter.

Hard Times

1-June 2022

Trying not to turn this in to a sales pitch, so here goes.

I have mentioned this several times already but Air to Air Air conditioners really do cut energy costs, The standard model Air Conditioners we use have a COP (Heating performance) of 3.5 to 4.5 times, that means around 4 times LESS electricity is used than standard heaters, the - only slightly - more expensive Designer/ High spec. models can save you up to 5 times heating costs.

But this is not a sales pitch more a 'trying to help' post.
What ever you do, Stay Warm, Stay Safe.

That's Not how it works!

15th March 22

I Received a message via the Website contact form recently from a local lady who was having a problem with a recently fitted - by another company - AC system. 'Would you be able to come and see if you can do anything' she asked.
Anyway I was there that same morning to take a look.
It was a wall mounted system in a bedroom on an inside wall with the pipes running in a piece of trunking to the outside wall, then out through the hole.
The problem was water dripping from the trunking when cooling so much that the lady had given up using it, she had been in touch with the company that supplied and installed it and they weren't being very helpful and blamed it on the Sub-contractors they used - as if it wasn't this company's problem now because they used subbies!! 
I am afraid that is not how it works! Whether you use your own men or subbies, they work for you and you are responsible for their standard of work.
The problem I found was fairly simple, The pipework has to be insulated otherwise the pipes - being below Zero temperature - form ice if not insulated which builds up fairly quickly and will then defrosts, and that's where the water comes from. The pipes were not very well insulated, apparently someone had been sent back to insulate the pipes and done half a job, when it still leaked the lady was quoted £70 for them to send someone back to fix it!! Unbelievable!
Anyway I insulated the pipework correctly, filled the hole which had been left open and charged the lady for my time - 1 hour.
She said she would be claiming this back but the way this company had performed up to now I'd have to say... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Take Care.

No Way!


We fitted a 3.4kW Fujitsu in a Portable office building this week, easy job, all went well until...
Got the system ready to test run, switched the power on, pressed the test button and then... fault lights came on!  Checked the code and it was self diagnosing a serial communication error.  No way, I can't have crossed a wire, so checked the wiring 123 earth at the outdoor, correct  123 earth at the indoor end, correct.  Started to wonder if the Fujitsu had a fault, they are very reliable and so this would be a first, but first thing to check is the cable, so got the meter out and belled the cable out and FAULT!!  Anyway to cut a long story short, the Electrician when he fitted his Isolator had used 1&1/2 inch screws and screwed into my cable within the stud wall.  Luckily I managed to replace the cable easily enough (with help from the sparky) and all was well.  Run Tested Complete.
Stay safe, more soon.