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Huddersfield Environmental Air are a family run Air-conditioning & Cellar cooling company based in the Beaumont Park area of Huddersfield, formed in 2003, we specialise in Conservatory and  Garden office Air conditioning and use only top brand, reliable equipment**

NEWS FLASH... Zero rated VAT on Air conditioning for the home, due to the extreme energy efficiency of Aircon when used for heating, in his spring statement the chancellor has reduced the VAT to 0%

Reduce your Carbon footprint and heating costs - Use less Gas and Electricity, save 100's of pounds a year,  for an investment of  less than £1,200, reduce your costs before the next massive energy price rises.
Air conditioning systems HEAT as well as cool, so you can use the central heating less, especially in Spring and Autumn. They use around 4 TIMES LESS ELECTRICITY than an electric heater, plus the added bonus that they will cool your home in the Summer heatwaves.

No need to get an expensive heatpump to heat the hot water for the radiators, an air-source to air heatpump can be installed at a fraction of the cost and provides heat more quickly, & no need to change the radiators.

Put one in the Lounge area, hallway and landing & feel the difference without heating the whole house.

We especially recommend getting AC for your conservatory, all this advertising about the benefits of changing to a solid roof on your conservatory to stop it getting too hot to use, well that's what a correctly sized AC system does!  Plus it heats in the winter also, so makes the room part of your home all year round

Another major plus is that during installation - which usually takes just a day - there is very little dust and disruption, just a small 3 inch hole through to the outside (usually drilled from the outside)

Extremely Energy Efficient!  Good quality AC systems will give around 4kW of heating or cooling whilst using 1 kW of power, so much cheaper to run than an electric heater or central heating, plus with the energy price rising so high you will recoup the cost of your air conditioning in no time at all, & it will cool in the summer

An Air Conditioning system fitted in the home or Garden OFFICE starts from just £1,180.  Conservatory AC for a standard 4m x 4m conservatory, from £1,455.   Includes full 3 year warranty.  Please see 'Recent photos' to see examples of our work, and please read our 'Managers Blog' he's very proud of it,  (he told me to say that)

Use the  'contact us' button below, or on the top bar for further contact information and we will email or call you back.  

Be assured we will never offer to match or beat any price as we will always give you our best price first!

** We do not quote the 'eco' range equipment as this doesn't stand for eco friendly but rather 'economy' and is less efficient and therefore cheaper to buy, but if you really want the cheaper option just ask   

N.B. As from 1st March 2021 for enquiries please do not ring us, use the online contact form, with a brief summary of what we can do for you, we are not answering the office mobile due to unwanted marketing calls, this facility is for Air Conditioning sales enquiries only and we will give all our customers a private office number

Covid 19 update:
We are open and fully functional once more, but will continue  adhering to social distancing & good hygienic practices at all times.  

Our company is fully compliant with all industry regulations:
REFCOM registered; Environment agency registered; Member of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR); City & Guilds Refrigeration Technician qualified, inc. 2079 FGas Refrigerant handling and CO2; IOSH Managing Safely qualified; Asbestos awareness
Fujitsu 2022 New Ranges including Designer All New systems can be controlled by Wi-fi App, Smartphone, Tablet, or PC

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