F Gas Refrigerant Reclaim

Please contact us if you have a medium to large amount of refrigerant you need reclaiming and disposing of in order to comply with F Gas regulation law, and the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols.

We do not do individual domestic refrigerators as it would be too expensive to individual customers, please contact your council refuge services as most of them will take domestic refrigerators, and even collect them for a small fee.

We would however be prepared to give a price to companies which collect old refrigerators from customers for the decant and disposal of F Gas refrigerant, typical Refrigerant gasses include R134A, R22, R407C/ R407F/ R407A we do not currently reclaim none F Gas refrigerants which include R290

We can offer our services in West and South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Derbyshire.

Our engineers are fully qualified to safely handle refrigerant, and we are Registered with REFCOM, and the Environmental agency.

Work would be carried out at your premises and will include the removal and safe disposal of the Refrigerant only.

What is the Kyoto Protocol?  It is an International treaty between state parties to limit Greenhouse gas emissions which cause Global warming.

What is the Montreal Protocol? It is  an International treaty designed to protect the Ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for Ozone depletion.

The law.  UK companies and individuals that breach the F Gas law by releasing the gas into the atmosphere face fines of up to £200.000 by DEFRA

For more information on F Gas laws and the Montreal and Kyoto protocols please Google it or email our company and we will send you a link to follow.

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